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Welcome On Board!


Hello friends,

Welcome on board to this new section in Wafa’s Diary 🙂

This is the first time I write a non-product profiling topic. In my one year or so of blogging experience, I have not shared any personal experiences or lessons that I learnt the hard way sometimes and the easy way at other times.

Usually I am a person who sets up high walls around herself and does not open up easily or tell others what she thinks or feels. Although I might seem the most talkative one in any group I am in, but if you listen carefully to what I say you will find out that it is either incomplete or does not answer any queries.

Generally, I am very comfortable in talking in one on one meetings, whether they are casual or formal. I find gatherings awkward. I feel shy to talk when surrounded by many people. Some people think I am arrogant or not sociable. In group meetings, I either become a listener or escape to socializing virtually through the social media applications on my mobile phone. If I find myself obliged to talk or practice actual socialization, I get along with it by releasing a lot of smiles or interjections.

However, this has been changing recently thanks to a friend of mine, who has helped my mind let go allowing me to express myself with ease. This has led me to open this new section in the blog, under the name (Life Lessons). This division is a significant progress for me. Of course, I am still uncomfortable expressing myself ‘too much’ in group meet-ups, but at least, now I can write to you sharing my own thoughts, and opinion.

Here’s a shout out to my friend and if you guys like what you read in this section please say ‘Thank you Yin’. 😀

Now, let’s move to the next topic in this part of the blog:
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